man-156712_300225whbgAll sales personalities are as unique as their customer base. No two are alike, but surprising many have to work at continually building their sales confidence. Few are able draw from an unending conviction of their abilities. Instead, successful sales representatives utilize daily habits to recharge their confidence. Add these habits into your daily activities to boost your confidence on closing sales.

  1. Be zealous. Love the product or service that you are selling. Let your passion permeate every discussion and decision. Conversations will feel less like selling and more like sharing.
  2. Avoid comfort zones. Consider the one angle of sales that is most disconcerting for you. Perhaps the cold calls or in person visits. Put this difficult task at the top of your daily list. With each daily success, there will come a new sense of courage and accomplishment; quickly replacing your fear. This task may never become your favorite, but you will know it can be done.
  3. Anticipate criticism, but maintain persistence. Call on customers regularly and follow up on all interactions faithfully. Regardless of activities, expect there will be criticism. With regular involvement with your customers, they will come to appreciate your personal interest.
  4. Acknowledge others. Force yourself to greet everyone you pass, even when walking down the sidewalk. This habit training will help in building confidence for meeting new people.
  5. Seek to know individuals. Avoid forming a pre-conceived notion of someone’s opinion or anticipating their responses. Allow people to express themselves with every conversation and interaction. Avoid second guessing or judging how they will feel or what they will say. Be shocked and then just roll with it.
  6. Face to face networks are still the best. Get out in public and meet new people; become familiar with their business culture and really know the people involved. This is true for your industry, community, and business network.
  7. Practice public speaking. Join a group or find ways to practice the skill of speaking in front of a group of people. Volunteer to teach a class or join a public speaking group.
  8. Stay busy. A tight schedule will leave little time for second guessing or being uncomfortable. To stay busy will actually help focus and encourage better time management.
  9. Work with others. A fresh perspective is always a good reset. Whether your sales quotas a down or you just want to stay informed on other techniques, set aside time to work with other sales professionals. Find a mentor that you can trust and rely on.

Used with permission from Article Aggregator