1287373_92020872Digital marketing was a proven venture in 2013, challenging many companies to increase time and money investments to these marketing campaigns. These channels are expected to receive significant attention in this coming year: content marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, big data, mobile, and call tracking.

Content Marketing

The value of good content has been seen over the last couple years. Even more now that Google started ranking links based on high-quality and original content. Businesses plan to increase content production, and will continue searching for the most effective way to expand the reach of the content.

Social Media

Businesses have found that social media can generate twice as many marketing leads compared to trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or PPC; all done at a lower cost per lead. Social media is effective at lead generation and costs less than any other platform. This digital marketing channel is an ideal way for a business to amplify the reach of their content and increase website traffic.


Search engine optimization takes time and money to develop, it is an ongoing process of monitoring and requires daily updates, sometimes making this channel less desired. However, staying up to day with search engine algorithm can ensure your site architecture is current. Placing your business at the top of a search result is worth it.


Pay-per-click marketing is on the rise. Content marketing and PPC go hand in hand, and both are expected to grow. The goal with PPC is to drive paid search ads to the content your business has created; forming another advantageous channel of expanding the reach of your content.

Big Data

Google Analytics, Universal Analytics and AdWords are just a few of the tools marketers can use for tracking the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaigns. These powerful analytics and tracking tools can help demonstrate a true ROI from all digital channels.


Mobile growth continues to explode and has become the users’ primary access point to your content. There is still limited understanding of the conversion of content reader to customer. It is projected that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage this year. As such, all content and websites need to be smoothly accessible from mobile devices.

Call Tracking

Call tracking software enables marketers to include phone calls generated. Phone call data is then integrated into other analytics to create a true ROI of digital campaigns.

2014 is an important year for digital marketing. This benchmark year has more money and time being invested than ever before. Businesses that have not yet embraced digital marketing had best get moving.

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