Some businesses, and people, expect to stumble upon success. A YouGov survey found that 17% of individuals questioned plan their retirement by either winning the lottery or inheriting wealth. The extent of their plan is to hope it all works out. It is surprisingly common to simply roll with it and see where the winds take us. Every once in a rare moment this actually works out, just often enough that several believe it will happen to them too. More predictable than good fortune and more consistent than lottery winning is a clear and consistent plan of action.

1. Know what you want

Half of the struggle is clearly identifying where you want to go. The goal of “be successful” is vague and non-directional. Set specific and detailed goals that are measurable, easy to understand, and assigned to a time frame. Review frequently and adjust as needed. For instance, the measurable methods or time frame may need to be adjusted as your business progresses. Goals should always be current so daily decisions can lead a step closer to achievement.

2. Ask for business

Most people are surprisingly uncomfortable asking for things, and believe it is far easier to take on the task themselves or do without. This nature is indicative of disinterest. Be confident in asking for business, a simple “please” can go a long way. Be sure to follow each request with appreciation. “Thank-you” is powerful and can be critical in building long-term relationships.

3. Invest toward goals

Invest all your resources toward the business goals. Resources can include cash, capital, or personnel. Direct the energy in a focal direction; a scatter shot of resources will lose momentum, whereas focused energy will only gain speed and become easier to maintain.

4. Foster a right attitude

Positive personalities attract positive personalities, and together they are magnetized toward accomplishments. A simple “yes” mindset is monumental in progress.

5. Learn from what didn’t work

Failure is only failure when you stop. When it doesn’t work, treat it as a minor delay. Readjust goal timelines and objectives, take note of what was learned, and proceed.

Successful business is based on setting specific, obtainable goals. To operate successfully requires an awareness of these goals and objectives.

Used with permission from Article Aggregator