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Evernote Introduces Three New Security Features

Everyone’s talking about two-step authentication, and only a select few companies are actually using it. However, as the process becomes more familiar to the public, it’s becoming more prominent. Yesterday, Evernote ...

Gmail Gains New Look – Tab Look Pleases Beta Testers

Gmail’s revamping again, and this time it’s “for the better,” Beta testers say. Several of Google’s services have already gone through the revamp, and Google’s modifying Gmail to not only match, ...

How to Choose Amazing, Effective Photos for Your Website

Choosing the right pictures for your website is an art, and it’s one of the more important things you should be considering when starting a website from scratch. Photos that aren’t ...

Is Your Battery Life Disappointing? Use These Tips to Extend It

Smartphones have hit the world with full force and have changed how many people communicate with one another. With instant access to things like Facebook and email, people have been spending ...

The Scoop on Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter recently announced that it now supports two-factor authentication (or 2FA), but it’s far from the first website to encourage users to use it. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are just a ...

Go Green: These Apps Help Your Business Be More Environmentally Friendly

“Go green” is one of the buzzwords of today, but unlike some of the buzzwords of the past, this one has a grander purpose. Companies large and small have begun to ...

Two Tips For Determining What Defines a “Good Idea”

You may have ideas all day long, and not be sure which ones are any good or not. Try the two tips below to see if they help you sort the ...


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